International Association of Chiefs of Police IPA Japan (englische Sprache)
Niagara Regional Police Canada Illinois Police K9 Home Page
International Military & Police K9 Leerburg Video & Kennels
Dogs Against Drugs, Dogs Against Crime Makor K9 - Police Dog Specialists
German Shepherd FAQ Texas Police K9 Association For Certification And Standards
California Rescue Dog Association Canine Companions For Independence
The German Shepherd Dog by Gareth Davies - The finest net resources on the GSD. Shed Stop
Virginia Police Work Dog Association Wolf Dog (Wolf Hybrid) Homepage
Albert Hein Foundation For Canine Research
NSW Australian Police Homepages The Police Pages John Andrews Chicago PD
Polizeibehörden im Internet Delta Police Department
Guelph Police Service Halifax Police Department
Ontario Provincial Police Pages
Mack Pettigrew Our police serves the community of Midland, Ontario, Canada
Phoenix Police Department
Ontario Provincial Police
(OPP), Canada ,police organization
Gendarmerie royale du Canada
ACLU Reading Room(gopher) Bolling's Police Pages (gopher)
Bill Clede Law Enforcement Forum unter Compuserve The Borderline U.S. Border Patrol
Assault Prevention Information Network Personal Power Assault Prevention Training Citizen Safety Center
unterstützt durch Florida Attorney General's Office
TV-COPS homepage einer US-TV-Show ASC's Critical Criminology Division American Society of Criminology
Domestic Violence References
Yahoo Search Listing
Paranoia Drug Information Server
Drug Statistics Indiana und USA ERRI Die Feuerwehr/Polizei/Rettungsdienste (EMS) Station
Federal Law Enforcement Careers Homepage Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Site
Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers Cops-R-Us Bonjour La Police; Kanada (francais, französisch, french)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Nanaimo Detachment Wakefield Police Department Wakefield, Massachusetts USA. A community policing web site. Opening further channels for public/police positive interaction
Hamilton Police Department - commitment to community policing in the online community. Auxiliary Police Officers Association - New Jersey, USA information about reserve policing, including auxiliary police, special police and regular police across the country
Reading Police Department - Pennsylvania, USA, provides information about the department and its members, as well as community policing and crime prevention Institute for Community Oriented Policing - a joint effort of WSU, the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, and WSICOP. Serves as the vehicle for statewide implementation of community policing
Institute for Community Oriented Policing Washington State University - a joint effort of WSU, the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, and WSICOP. Serves as the vehicle for statewide implementation of community policing Social Science:Sociology Criminal Justice:Institutes
Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order - research, teaching and professional training in the study of public disorder, crime and punishment, policing, crime prevention and security managemen Task Force for Responsibility and Freedom on the Internet - encourages self-policing of Internet traffic to head off government control efforts such as the Exon bill
Community Policing Pages - resource site for community policing, problem-oriented policing featuring the work of Robert Trojanowicz, DeVere Woods and Joanne Ziembo-Vogl Criminal Justice Home Page Saint Mary's University - what you think about community policing page. police chat, officers can have a real time chat, the newest links concering criminal justice.minn
Chris Pattinson (private Home Page) "... is a retired police officer living in Tasmania" (Insel Tasmanien, Australien)

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